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Classes & Registration

Milwaukee Area Tai Chi Class Schedule!  We sure hope you enjoy your tai chi training as much as we enjoy working with those who join our classes. The Schedule and Free Intro listing is here! All Classes include QIGONG (aka Chi Kung) This is the complete weekly schedule of ongoing community classes, professional trainings, and intensives in the Milwaukee and Waukesha areas!  NOTICE: For NEW FREE Introductory classes that are offered: Please contact us (Request Info) for a schedule if it seems that the latest one is not uploaded here.

Monday Evening classes for 2024 are available through the Wauwatosa Recreation department please see their website to register for 6pm Beginner classes or 7pm Continuing classes starting January 15 to April 15 on Monday eves. www.tosarec.com The Monday Evening Classes may have Zoom options available, please register for the class you wish to attend on Monday eves if you wish to attend via zoom, links will be sent before the class start. 

Registration forms for the Wednesday Mornings 9am at Dreams Life & Wellness Center in Waukesha January 17 to April 17, 2024 are located here Dreams Registration       

FREE INTROS: TO test out tai chi --come try a class for FREE register by calling 262-271-1061

Free Try-it at Tosa West Monday, April 15 and June 10, 2024 at 6pm. Also at Hoyt Park Pool Tues June 11th, 8am.

Demo & Intro at Dreams April 17 or June 12, 2024 at 9am.

More about Tai Chi & QigongTai Chi and Qigong are self-care practices which enhance Body, Mind and Spirit unification. These gentle Chinese exercises improve relaxation skills, mental focus, and physical alignment. Research has shown that regular practice is beneficial for balance, stress reduction, strengthening the immune system, joint concerns (arthritis), building endurance, flexibility, and alleviating chronic conditions. Classes are offered in 2 styles:

  1. T'ai Chi Fundamentals® (TCF) offers a simplified, systematic approach for mastering T'ai Chi basics that maintains the integrity of traditional form and principles. The program introduces components of T'ai Chi practice that foster health of mind, body and spirit. This program can serve as a complete exercise program and can provide solid basic training for those who wish to progress to the more complex forms of traditional T'ai Chi. As of 2015 we now have new trainings, books and videos for all of the Seated, Walker and Side support versions of the Tai Chi Fundamentals Adapted program. See brochures below.
  2. Traditional Yang Style T'ai Chi forms incorporate complex movement patterns throughout the entire sequence which have martial applications. This traditional Form developed by Master Cheng Man-Ch’ing is expertly designed to massage the whole acupuncture energy system of one’s body. T'ai Chi principles promote harmony in human interactions and as students progress the element of Tui Shou (Sensing hands or Push hands) will be introduced. Tui Shou is a gentle way of practicing the martial applications of T'ai Chi. It incorporates aspects of letting go of one’s ego to better know oneself and for successful conflict resolution.

All classes include Qigong and Meditation exercises.

The Tai Chi Fundamentals® (TCF)  Training Program Courses

A simplified tai chi form system that has been analyzed by Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapist to offer medically recommended tai chi movements. These Training Seminars are designed to prepare participants for certification to teach TCF and offers Health Care Professionals continuing education credits. Both Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association (WPTA) and National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) have formally approved these courses for credit. Please see Tricia Yu's site Tai Chi Health for TCF trainings and register online ZOOM OPTIONS AVAILABLE here: https://taichihealth.com/events/

Join us for Intensive Study. These workshops allow participants to focus for a concentrated session on aspects of the tai chi forms, mind/ body principles or techniques.  They recieve detailed correction and support to improve their practice. These are weekend 1/2 day courses. Register early, class sizes are limited to small groups for quality instruction. You may choose Traditional Yang style or TCF intensive study.

Registration for Intensive Study workshops are found here: Certification Prep workshops (3 or 6 hours) are registered online: 6 hour Cert Prep Intensives Registration form OR 3 hour intensives

In the past, Tricia Yu and Pat Culotti hosted special Traditional CMC Yang style Intensive Retreats at the Dekoven Center and look forward to 2024 as well. In 2024 we will be at a new location: the Holy Wisdom Monastery. Saturday evening will be open to all for a special class and Tricia Yu's celebration of life. Registration is required. 

        Tricia Yu (in spirit) and Pat look forward to our Fifth Instructor and Advanced TCF retreat in 2024. June 13 to 15th, 2024. This retreat will include a celebration of Tricia Yu's Life and legacy.  Online registration is available on: Tai Chi Health Website

Our 2022 Tai Chi Fundamentals Instructor Retreat and CMC Yang Retreat at the Dekoven Center was well received and all of the organizers wish to THANK everyone who attended and all who helped make this such a success.

2018 Retreat was a wonderful success.  The Dekoven Center, Racine, WI May 3 to 7, 2018. For TCF Instructors or those ready to test: 

Yang Style CMC Retreat for 2022 May 22-23: Open to ALL Details and costs on this: CMC Registration Form