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Links to friends of Enhancing Balance

We are so grateful for these people in our lives:

More than thanks to our good friend, colleague, business partner, mentor and author: Tricia Yu and Tai Chi Health for all of the Tai Chi Fundamentals® (TCF) books and materials and additional  TCF training and certification info: www.taichihealth.com. We are honored that the Physical Therapy world has endorsed this work: Please see the Cyber PT site here.

The Tai Chi Center of Milwaukee is my alma mater--this is the largest and oldest tai chi center in the Milwaukee area. Thank you for your teaching and guidance, Michael Milewski.

Many thanks go to the support from The Tai Chi Center of Madison and Tricia Yu's students who carry on her school there. We enjoy playing tui shou with many of you!

We are honored and grateful to have Master Teacher Lenzie Williams agreeing to teach workshops and camps here when his schedule allows. Please see his web site http://www.taichiberkeley.com/ for more info.

Our friend and colleague Kim Kanzelberger is in Kansas City, MO and offers many tai chi retreats and expert instruction in Cheng Man-Ching Yang style form: www.centerstatestaichi.com.

Please visit Amazon to see the book Drawing Silk for one of our expert teachers, authors and friends: Paul Gallagher. He has shared his expert instruction in qigong with us.

 We are very grateful to Grandmaster William C. C. Chen for his expert instruction and willingness to travel here to train us and all of our tai chi community here. Please feel free to visit his web site for his schedule: www.williamccchen.com

Connect with the wellness community and become educated on health on DaoCloud.com. I greatly appreciate your endorsements and testimonials on My DaoCloud Profile!