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Nutrition & Energy

Herbal Health ~ Food for life support!

Nutrition is a vital part of wellness and is often confusing when one is searching for the right sytem to follow for optimal wellness. The theories arround the subject of what to eat are exhaustive. Learn a time tested and simple way to regenerate your body and your life.

Call Pat Culotti: 262-271-1061 to learn how.  Free yourself from confusion surrounding nutrition and get on the road to Optimal Health!

*New offering!!  Chakra Healing & Balancing Energy Treatments

The Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy Treatment (CHBET) is a healing system of pure Love and Light. It raises the vibration of the aura (or human energy field) and the energy field around every living thing. This CHBET allows the practitioner and the client to still the mind and transfer Divine Life Force energy to the part of the being where it is most needed for healing and rebalancing to full health. The Treatment works on all levels at once: the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual.  Recipients often find that the healing also has an effect on family and friends, as when you change, so do all around you.

Some of the powerful shifts that the Chakra Healing & Balancing Energy Treatments will create in your life are:

  • Removes negative energies from and balances the 7 Chakras and the 7 body systems.
  • Allows your being to heal and clear on all levels. 
  • Activates up to 33 strands of DNA.
  • Gives you access to your Dimensional Light Body. 
  • Connects you with your Higher Consciousness. 
  • Activates ascension on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
  • Helps you to create Unity Consciousness. 
  • One session initiates a 21-day intensive healing period.  You may feel different levels of yourself being worked on throughout the next 3 weeks – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and much more.

Ask about the Chakra Healing & Balancing Energy Treatment by calling Pat Culotti at Enhancing Balance's Brookfield Location:  262-271-1061.